We have all heard of the term biotechnology but many of us don’t really comprehend how much of a blessing it is to have. Biotech helps us make food grow faster and make it more sustainable, cures illness, and helps us understand our own bodies overall. One of the latest technology breakthroughs that have been getting a bunch of attention is Crispr cas9. Crispr cas9 is gene editing tool that essentially allows us to make changes to DNA, almost like a “DNA Surgeon”. But before we use it on people we use it on animals to study the technology. Recently the FDA has lifted the hold of human trials making it so that human trials may begin.

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Crispr has been the source of alot of hype for a long time now. Some people say this will be the best thing to ever happen in human history, saving ourselves from disease and aging and allowing us to live with our loved ones for centuries, and allow to go into space with altered biology to withstand the harsh vacuum of space or hostile environments on other planets. Another group of people think that this is a very malevolent technology in which it can create division among the human species in which we will have engineered perfect humans vs original “pure” humans. It sounds like a plot to a Sci Fi thriller but could become a reality if we are not careful with how we do things.


The good thing about Crispr cas9 is that you can read a lab procedure manual and see how its done and buy a kit later on!! Heres the manual link


Ask yourself would u want to be engineered or one of loved ones. Imagine a world without disease or aging , how does that world sound to you.